Supacut Ltd for Concrete Cutting

What We Do

Services that we provide include:

Cutting Services:

  • Expansion cutting of slabs, paths and driveways.

  • Floorsaw cutting to approximately 300mm depth.

    Our floor saws can cut concrete to any depth up to 300mm. This is ideal for anything from expansion cutting to squaring up slabs where the boxing has shifted during pouring. It is also ideal for cutting channels through slabs to provide pathways for services such as pipework, drains or wiring.

  • Handsaw cutting.

    Our hand saws can cut up to a depth of 150mm in areas that are too small to allow the use of a floor saw. They can also be used for cutting both solid and unfilled concrete block walls. They are also ideal for precise cutting during demolition work.

  • Soffcut ultra early entry expansion cutting.

    This type of expansion cutting is used on green concrete, normally within the first 2 to 6 hours after placement. It provides early protection against cracking.

  • Decorative cutting.

    This can be done where the customer requires a pattern cut into concrete.

  • Hydraulic cutting.

    Our hydraulic power saws allow fumeless cutting for indoor areas where fumes produced by petrol saws would be a problem.

Concrete Core Drilling:

  • Freehand and rig drilling.

  • Vacuum capable mount system.

  • Diverse range of drill sizes.

    We are able to carry out concrete core drilling of holes from 12mm up to 280mm in diameter.

We can also provide on request a vehicle set up with its own electricity and water for cutting and drilling in outlying areas.

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